On January 17, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2014-2. Topics include the following:

  1. Phone forum: Governance help for exempt organizations
  2. Current Form 990 series forms/instructions & significant changes
  3. EO’s free e-newsletter helps keep charities and nonprofits up to date
  4. IRS tax videos will help you file in 2014

  1.  Phone forum: Governance help for exempt organizations

Register now for this informative IRS presentation scheduled January 23, at 2 p.m. ET.

Topics include:

  • The importance of having a knowledgeable and engaged governing board
  • Effective self-policing policies
  • How to avoid conflicts of interest
  • The importance of implementing a code of ethics policy
  • Financial statements and Form 990 reporting
  • What you need to know about UBIT

  2.  Current Form 990 series forms/instructions & significant changes

Go here for list of current Form 990 series forms and instructions.

See the Form 990 filing thresholds page to determine which form(s) an organization must file. See Tax Year 2013 Significant Changes or Tax Year 2012 Significant Changes, for an overview of changes made to these forms.

For materials on how to complete the Form 990 and other forms for exempt organizations, go to Form 990 Resources and Tools for Exempt Organizations.

  3.  EO’s free e-newsletter helps keep charities and nonprofits up to date

EO Update is a free electronic newsletter that helps charities, nonprofits and other tax-exempt organizations comply with their tax responsibilities.

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Each edition provides important information about:

  • Changes to the Internal Revenue Code, new forms, guidance and publications
  • Additions to the IRS’s charities and nonprofits website (irs.gov/charities)
  • Dates for upcoming training and outreach events (like phone forums and workshops)

EO Update is recommended reading for anyone interested in tax-exempt issues – especially tax practitioners, attorneys and leaders and staff of tax-exempt organizations. For more information about tax-exempt issues and exempt organization educational materials, go to our Charities and Nonprofits page.

E-mail questions/comments about the publication to tege.eo.ceo@irs.gov.

  4.  IRS tax videos will help you file in 2014

Review these helpful and informative videos.